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Brenda is a classically trained pianist and instructor. Classical piano is her first love but other well written piano styles are appreciated and taught. Having grown up in a musically inclined family she was always surrounded by music. Brenda’s teaching path began in her teens when she facilitated an after school piano tutoring program. Not long after this Brenda began composing and as a senior in high school she conducted her original choral piece for the annual talent concert. Brenda’s college years had her involved in teaching workshops and brought about new compositions of movie score orchestral arrangements and original music for weddings. Her original piano and flute piece, The Winds’ Answer, won honorable mention for the National Flute Association. See more at

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Brenda’s music career began with an internship in music therapy then as a K-12 music instructor. After this she went on to teach a Clavinova keyboard group class as head instructor at Wells Music in Denver and became director of her own studio, BrendaBMusic. She has worked with master Colorado musicians Dr. Helen Walker-Hill, Gregory T. S. Walker, Dr. Brenda Ishikawa, Larry Ryan, and Dr. Patricia Holmberg in the classical realm; jazz piano and chording with Darren Kramer of DKO; collaborative voice/ piano work with Cody Qualls of FACE, and music and movement with Dr. Alexandra Pierce and Eve Maison-Pierre. In 2005 Brenda began studies in a body centered well being modality to integrate into the piano lessons. Currently she is studying with Madeline Bruser regarding better practicing 

habits and body centered awareness for musicians.