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Teaching Locations

  • 908 Main Street, STE 110, Louisville, CO 80027

  • North Westminster, CO 80031

  • Online worldwide

Fall 2022 Calendar of events

Fall Recital: Friday November 4, 2022, 6:30pm, held at:

Boulder Piano Gallery

3111 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO

Adult Lessons, beginner to early advanced

  • Are you looking for better ways to better connect with yourself and utilize playing the piano as the doorway?

  • Are you beginning to become aware of your body in every day life and would like to extend that in your piano lessons? 

  • Have you had enough of past piano lessons where a teacher in some form encouraged self judgement or negative inner criticism as par for the experience?  

  • Would you like more connection and humor in your piano learning journey?

  • August and Fall semester 2022 offers:

    • Online Piano Practice Support Group twice monthly

    • Online or in-person lessons, 45 minutes or 60 minutes

  • a free 45 minute phone consult is available, please contact me to set this up.

Adult Piano Practice Group Class - online

The class intention is positive support and motivation for continued learning. This is a small sized online group class for adults at beginning and late elementary levels. The group is held twice monthly.

September -November 4, 2022 sessions available.  Pre-requisite: free 45 minute consult prior to registration.

1 1/2 - 2 hours in length.  Classes begin with a meditation and body awareness techniques.  Students learn from performing and offering positive feedback, alongside teacher guidance. Students play once a month and meet twice a month. 

All online classes use Zoom.

Lessons for children & teens, beginner and above

  • Do you feel your child needs another outlet to balance and perhaps digest what life feels like these days? One that is creative, musical, and supportive of who they are?

  • Is your child asking to begin piano lessons or are you as a parent feeling they need a different teacher?​

  • Your child's lessons will have fun body awareness games to learn the proper piano stance and technique, plus listening games to enhance their awareness of tone and experiment with expression.

  • As parents, you can opt to have 1-2 semester parent/teacher meets so that you are fully informed of the learning and know the assignments & progress.

  • Students ages 8 to 20 can be part of a small supportive group class 1-2 times a semester to foster listening and playing skills.

  • a free 45 minute phone consult is available, please contact me to set this up.

Learning format

  • In-person and online individual piano lessons and online adult group classes

    • In-person lessons for 30, 45 or 60 minutes. (30 minutes for ages 6 & 7 only).